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Thread: Report illegal pics/sick content

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    Default Report illegal pics/sick content

    There is Ch1ld Pr0n in the Babes Pics. PLease have it removed ASAP or the FBI will be notified! this is not good enough and all pics that are uploaded need to be checked first!

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    Default Re: Report illegal pics/sick content

    We do our best to keep clean, but we can not check every single picture uploaded to the imagehoster.

    If you find such content in the User uploads, please report it to naj, TC or Mersa.
    We will take care of it and remove those pic as soon as possible.


    Please use the PM function.
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    Default who's up-loading the k1ddy p0rn

    Who up-loads the k1ddy p0rn .. Their IP address should be traced and reported ..
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    Default Re: who's up-loading the kiddy porn

    Their IP's get traced and reported. If you found any illegal material like this one, please PM link to naj, Mersa or me and we'll take appropriate actions.
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