Just like last time, you guys will be able to nominate and vote on which babe(s) to feature for each month.

3 calendars featuring a different babe will be released each month.

Because half of December is already over (and christmas vacation is coming soon), please note that there will be no nomination for January! For this month the editors decide which 3 babes will be featured for calendars. The nominations thread for February 2013 will be open next month.

Furthermore take note that all babes featured for a 2012 calendar are eligible for 2013 again!

The Rules
# Nominations thread will be opened on the 1st of every month. You will be able to nominate a babe to feature on next month's calendar, feel free to suggest useful HQ images for Editors to use. One nomination per user per month.

# Nominations thread will be closed once we have 10 nominated babes or on the 8th of every month, whichever comes first.

# A poll of the 10(x) babes nominated will be created soon after nominations are closed, for users to vote on the babe they wish to feature on next month's calendar. The poll will be on the Skins.be main page.

# The poll will be closed on the 22nd of every month:
- The poll winner will feature on next month's calendar.
- The 2nd calendar will feature one of the 10 nominated, chosen by one of the Editors.
- The 3rd calendar can feature anyone, chosen by one of the Editors.
# No babe will be featured twice. So before you nominate, please check whether your babe has been done before. Nominations of previously featured babes will be ignored.

# The calendar wallpapers will be released near the end of every month