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Thread: Rss busted?

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    Default Rss busted?

    Looked at my RSS feed and it's been cold since Feb 6....

    but there are new images!

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    Default Re: Rss busted?

    Same problem for me as well. No updates on RSS since 6/2/2013.

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    ...bump...? +1+ Reply to Thread

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    Yeah, I'd like to see this fixed as well. +1

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    Default Re: Rss busted?

    As long as no tech will move a finger to fix anything in here, it will stay busted

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    I just use a browser window set for 2 frames, put in the top frame and a saved copy of in the bottom.
    then download all the images until you get to the top image on the bottom frame.
    then right click, save source as the saved copy of

    I could show the coding , but it may not look right here.

    if any one wants, email me and I'll send the text file to you.
    you can then open it with notepad and examine the coding, then if you trust me and want to run that code, simply re-save it as a htm or html file.
    the frames load a index page, which if it doesn't exist, the window will remain blank.

    as for the rss feed, I know nothing except that it doesn't work and hasn't for a good while now.


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