Wow, this place has become quite depressing. Sad to see things like this.

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Owner(s) of Skins have never contributed a single picture post or wallpaper, meaning that unlike the rest of us, they have no interest in what Skins is about. Their interest is purely business/economical. This is the only logical explanation, (...)
Actually, that's not quite true. Yes, the owners do not contribute pictures. However the reason for that is a different one. There is a legal reason (actually a nice side-effect) why the owners do not contribute. If you post content with a questionable copyright status, you - as a site operator - are liable for it. If you have users post stuff, you aren't liable for it directly. You just to make sure that the content will be removed when you're informed about it.

And by the way, the owners never posted content. Even the Belgian owners stopped posting themselves as soon as the site went well.