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    Default Posting Guidelines

    First of all, please Read The Rules is divided into the following catagories:

    Celebrity pictures, wallpapers & videos
    • HQ Celebrity Pictures
    • Wallpaper & Art
    • Videos
    • Requests
    • Miscellaneous
      • Multiple Celebs
      • Screencaps and Gifs

    Unknown babes
    • HQ Unknown Pictures
    • Internet Models
    • Videos

    • Celebs
    • General
      • Café
      • Movies & TV
      • Sports
      • Computers
      • Music
      • Graphics & Art Tips


    How to post your pics

    Upload your pics to an imagehost such as

    Here is a quick tutorial:


    Where to post your pics?

    First, use the Search Feature to find existing threads of your babe.
    Second ask yourself, is she a Celebrity, an Unknown or an Internet Model:

    • HQ Pictures of your celeb babe
    • Videos of your celeb babe
    • Multiple Celebs, i.e. 2 or more celebs in the one pic (Carmen Electra + Paris Hilton + ...). Girl groups (Pussycat Dolls/Spice Girls...) do not go in here.
    • Screencap or Gifs of your celeb babe

    Unknown Babe

    Internet Models


    Just remember, reposts are removed. So try and check if your pics are new to us here before posting.

    If you have doubts, questions... don't be afraid to contact the appropriate Moderator.
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