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  • Awesome!! They're actually my favorite NHL team from Canada :lloll: I have a favorite team from both countries, so Toronto is one, and the Colorado Avalanche is the American representative I guess you can say :p1 I don't watch it much either, but I'd really like to. Down here we only have one channel that's broadcasting any games right now, and I think they only show maybe 1-2 games a week :( But if I see a game on you can guarantee I'll be watching :lloll:

    Ahhhhh women's volleyball :faint1: Totally agree with you on that one. No man will ever get tired of watching that. Do you have any preferences?? I prefer college myself :lol5:

    As far as other sports go, I'm a huge football (American) fan, but I guess you knew that already :p I'm a big fan of both college and pro, so that's what takes up my Saturdays and Sundays during the fall :lloll: I try and watch the other football as much as I can also. I only have one channel that consistently shows soccer, so that's on my tv every once in a while as well :D

    Oh and thanks to TC, I'm a huge F1 fan now :yes1: I'm still a total noob at it though lol. I've only seen 3 races, so I've got quite a ways to go :D

    Canada is definitely one of the places I want to visit at some point in my life. I've always wanted to go up there. And of course all that snow is a big reason why. I can only recall seeing snow maybe once in my life :sad1: So I'm totally jealous of people like you who have been around snow their entire lives :p1 I'm always just "Maaaaaaan I wish I lived around snow" (No hard feelings though :D, just try and send some snow down here if you can spare some :lloll:)

    So you're a big skier huh?? What kind of racing do you do?? Did I see you in the Vancouver Olympics this past February?? :lol4:
    what is the point of :everybodylovesicu: if i cant renew my licence :lloll:
    Cool!! Home of the CN Tower right?? :lloll: I know you don't watch pro hockey a lot, but does that make you a Maple Leafs fan?? I know some things about Canada, like how your provinces are like our states, and that it gets very cold over there :lol5:

    I'm almost an entire country away lol. I live down here in hot, muggy, not cold, San Antonio, Texas.
    What the hell kind of sound is that? Isn't it a pokemon? :hm1:
    Eh eh, I see what you did there :fonzy:

    And by the way, you have my permission to begin 3-Word Story from scratch ;) It is a bit dated now.
    I don't know :? It used to be a million times worse. Now I just edit them to something gay :lloll:
    There are quite a few things I've grown to dislike and I'd happily tell you, just not as a visitor message though :?

    Yeah, we spammed with words :no2: And each spam post was relatively meaningful but this "bloody spammers" and smiley spam is less so...
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