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  • what you want some pictures... oh wait.. hey.
    just busy with stuff. I don't really post pictures of pretty ladies anymore, though ill post some from time to time.

    How goes it with you? you still obsessed with the french chick?
    Get on MSN you old man... :p Btw i think my name is D A or something like that (my initials).
    You need to start following them more. I like Vikki cause she provides a more edgier style, since iit gets boring looking at blondes and brunettes... With British glamour models i think 99% have great boobs. So saying (insert name here) has nice boobs is rhetorical. Btw yeah i know Rhian. And yeah she is great.
    Louise The (in my honest opinion) was the best model ever, untill she became low key and such. She was Miss Maxim Uk 2006 and was featured on various Zoo/Loaded Shoots throughout 07. Her eyes are the best eyes I've ever come across from any female I've seen on a any forum.
    Michelle Marsh isn't as great as gemma and the like but shes not bad. She retired a while back. She used to do a lot of Magazines with Lucy (another overrated female).

    Did you think i was just going to say "Yeah Mersa. your right, there isn't too much to argue..."
    Hell no! i dont think you can use "good" bad ugly, more like Amazing, Great, Ok, Below average, Why am i even looking at you?
    Why do you like Izabel Goulart then?!?
    And since you mentioned it. Your choice of top twenty (when dealing with actresses) is not that great.... Ash?!?I see an Ashley everyday in the U.S. There isn't anything interesting.. Victoria has such a better face and she seems way more easier to approach. the only Actress that you did well with is Kelly and she isn't really an actress.
    too much talking. Bye
    Long day? Don't tell me the prostitute had to go to court...:p1

    Yeah me neither. It's somewhat disappointing to be honest. Cause her Michelle, Gemma, Louise, Vikki all went away(well not really Gemma/Louise/Vikki)... They were/are the reasons why i follow the British Glamour scene. Yeah Rosie ain't too bad mate. India is just pure sexiness. Shes the hottest model easily. Like even better than Adri. Her and Holly switch between my favorites.

    You Germans and your sense of humor... nah it wasn't too bad. Did you watch it just for the female?!?
    Btw the PM is out and i am hungry. Posting keeley makes you hungry.. did you realize that?
    Lets argue more about models?
    Ehh, yeah i would have to agree that she is a bit better. Bleh i was thinking that picture was more:neutral: or :)

    I will pm you soon then since I'm bored.

    btw your into Keeley quite a bit. Your Keeley thread have this scan:?
    if not ill put up the rest of the scans. You think its worth a post? (i only got the ones in her in a leotard). they're pretty rare, from a collectors issue. The WP are up but not the scans i think. anyways, just showing my vast collection of Glamour models "ha, not really since most of it is accredited to other people..."
    Respond to this soon!!!?!? i need to wow the Keeley peeps one last time.
    I changed my avatar back to J-Martins, so do i get the milkshake now?
    Btw why a candid of Ari? I would have chosen the Elle or Hombre shot.
    Did i PM you?
    I know that. My top ten doesn't have just models. But i still think if shes not in a person's top 100, the person needs to develop a better taste.

    Her face looked tired? i think i understand you. And i don't speak German unfortunately. My languages stop at English and Spanish. Yeah i'm glad you took that back. Now you just need to revisit Adri's thread and take back all that stuff aswell.
    Yeah Mir will, i believe 100%. Doutz not 100% "Doutz will be hotter than ever before" (doubt it, but if she does than i definitely won't complain.)
    What i meant by Doutz is that her portfolio has lacked since around 07, 08:hm1:, and agencies look to a strong portfolio in booking/signing. So that's why i get a bit skeptic, but I'm a fan so lets see her bounce back and perform shall we:wink:?

    I did enjoy school and now i'm done (for the day).
    Auf Wider..... (whatever bye is in German).
    I think i took a quick glance at your top twenty like last year. Let me check it again. *goes to check*. Ah, so you do have Doutzen there. Interesting. I would get tired listing 100 models. That would be a tad much. I think if you made a 100 you would have Lima somewhere in there.Ales tired? The candids I've seen is of her partying in Rio all day, so i don't quite see the tiredness. But then again, I'm not one to collect a lot of candids so I'll have to see for myself.
    Okay i joke with Miranda, i think she will go back to modeling but Doutz is tricky. I haven't seen a good shoot of Doutzen all last year pregnant or not. She has a good face, (i especially find her eyes and lips the most appealing), but I have not heard anything about agencies with her in a long time. I think i saw Miranda's show card going around couple days ago, but eh. I like Doutzen, don't get me wrong, shes very beautiful, but i just have this feeling.And with these two I'm not talking about modeling for L'oreal and cereal boxes, i mean VS, and the like.

    Oh the one with Ari (i see). Did you just take that picture and post it online? haha if so kudos.
    It is one heck of an issue I'll give you that. Does her sister model much?
    Time to go to school and learn, while you sit around and moderate.
    Bye (for now)
    Of course she isn't Ah yeah you hit the nail in the coffin. Models are Hot. I mean, that's what they get paid to do so to speak. I look to if they can model fashion, and their down to earth personalities to determine if i truely like a model. Models can do swimsuit lingerie, but runway and fashion, not as much can pull it off. Gisele, hmm how do i put it, i mean she's always had a great figure, but the face can be somewhat boring. If you want to talk skinny, look at Ales. Adri is still great, yeah i realize that her time of greatness is slowly going away (along with Mir, Doutz, Marissa, Ales). If a few years we will have Candice and Co running the show. Not top 100 material?!? that's a stretch. She at least should be in everyone's top 25. Body=check, Personality=Check, unknown husband=Check, face= (i like it, check), Hair=check. I cant wait then to get all the haters:yes1:.

    What "best issue of Elle?" Ugh yeah the trial stuff, those are okay i guess. i wish they would print more editorials in the mags. Seems theres too much advertising, (thats why i like Vogue). Maxim Maxim Maxim, thats a love/Hate relationship. Sometimes i give them credit for making awesome shoots, others i just go "what the hell" this is quite awkward. Hillary Duff is extremely overrated (watches back). Her career is eh, and shes just another blonde. Kristen Stewart is more intriguing. Oh thats too bad. I guess you guys will have to find one of em german chicks at the bars:p1.

    House is okay. I haven't gotten into the genre much. I don't find dance too enjoyable. It's catchy for the first few minutes, then bores me. Euro's make me laugh. You guys get the best electronic music though, i'll give you that. Lil Wayne's Tha Carter 3 is his only decent album, I have to admit A Milli was decent, especially that bass. 17 inch subby alpine=Banging. Aside from that i can't stand the guy. Ke$ha is ridiculous as you pointed out, but her music is catchy and tolerable (at least for my ears) so i don't mind her much).
    Uhh well Dubstep is like my obsession (especially the UK stuff). I'm big into bass, so anything with a killer bass line is good. Alternative rock such as paramore, bloc party, A.F.I, and some more electronic (michael Cassette, Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, Magnetic Man). Not big into country or metal (some metal is okay though). Why do you ask me this question?

    I prefer J-French, its easy to remember and she's french, so it makes sense. Yeah, i even made a wallie in which you commeted in... :hm1:wow did you already forget? Shes got natural beauty which i give her credit for, but she just doesn't POP out. I do aswell like her smile and her body is good. She's above average in my book. Maybe on a good day make my top 20 or so. Reasonable answer. That picture somewhat doesn't look like her. hmmm interesting.

    Change my avatar:?? the one with bar, or my profile pic with Holly Peers? I like this photo of Bar, and I've worn it for a couple days. Can't change it so soon, and Bar is cool. I like Holly and India, and to explain would take a while.
    So yeah read this, then come back to my page, and then type some more stuff for me to read. OKay?:p1
    Well, actually, i can do that too!

    I've always thought of her as good but never "great". She gets credited because she rolls with Gucci, Couture', and all the other "high market Fashion brands". VS days were okay for her. Never thought she was great. Adriana is the best VS models imo. There will never be another Adri, i think there very well could be Gisele 2.0. Why do you collect GQ? I think their stuff is a bit "over the top". Though i do like their mags a bit more than FHM. Elle and Vogue is where its at. And Nuts (of course).

    House is meh, i still thought you Europeans were listening to trance.. At least European music is somehwat better than the U.S. Lil wayne (don't know if you've heard him) is really giving us a bad name, along with Ke$ha (even though i like a few of her songs) etc.

    Well how should i end this? tell me why you like J-French so much? Tell me why you never change your sig? umm okay adios (ta ta).
    Well Well well, why did you have to say well three times in a row?
    I always seem to argue tastes with you, yet we have pretty similar taste at the same time:p1. Calling her the most overrated supermodel is a bit of a stretch:bat:, i think gisele is the most overrated. bar's fifteen minutes of fame is not up, though she will probably settle down like most smart models. At least she had 15 minutes unlike Ariadne who seemed to have about 5. Btw when i earn "those title thingies" i want to have a NFL related one, like frosty:).

    It's interesting you bring up rap:hm1:. I used to absolutely despise the genre, but ever since i started listening to electronic music, I've grown to appreciate it. It also doesn't hurt that I live on the West Coast, where rap is prominent. Dre is okay, I'm not much for the West-Coast style gangster rap. I like people like Wiz Khalifa, Lupe, Kanye, Curren$y. You listen to any of them??? And don't get me started on Soulja Boy... :no3:Yes his songs are typical club songs meant for dancing,(catchy) but his talent level is at an all time low. Lyrically he is still in 2nd grade:whip1:. Typical people who listen to rap don't like alternative music. And i won't tell the other admin... yet....

    Coolies, i think i will see if she passes "the test":neutral:. Oh and the Ariadne thing, Idk when the mag was produced. I think its around 08' but I'm not sure. I know Juliana has been a bit busy in 11 so Ive been searching for her stuff. You need to start posting more of her/ari. Can't carry the flame forever..
    Ta ta, and did you even look at my private message? thought so.
    Hush hush Mersa...:p1 Yes your right you can't talk about great taste with Bar. A better description is phenomenal taste. Pshh...says the one with the .... very good looking female in their avatar. (Name Please? is it Ari?)
    But i like Haley's music. Beats that rap stuff that's out now in days. you always use analogies to explain your stuff. I don't need a comparison matey, i understand the criticism.

    I still like ariadne and juliana and kelly and cheryl, so don't start this.:bat:
    Plus Icu rated my avatar 100/10. WOHOO!!!!:mrgreen1:
    We need a poll to decide who is better? Bar or Brookie. You agree???
    good job of Maria update :fonzy:

    btw, :everybodylovesicu: was in here :lloll:
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