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  • same here man lol .. left my previous work last friday, so i got plenty time. well, untill the next work that is ;)
    sure man... ask away anytime :)
    wow... i was thinking the same thing about you man... honestly. i might not post or anything but still pay a visit real often and hadn't seen you around for a long time.
    how u doing?
    Thanks again, this picture is just as good as the last one, and the idea of a photography competition is awesome... i would like to participate as well.
    Thank you, for the replying to my message and going to so much trouble to upload and msging it to to me... that as said before is indeed a really cool picture... reminds me of IMAX shots from Dark Knight!!!
    Sure, not the original, but i listen to nothing else for 1 week, just have to see where i get the original Disc, here in germany its too expensive :(
    Yeah, apparently rafa wanted to buy david silva and villa but it never happened..i hate rafa anyway lol. He bought shit players like ngog and put them on massive wages so we couldn't get rid of them.

    Andy Carroll clearly isnt worth 35m lol he is worth 10 or 15m at most but now we are a tad fucked like i said lol. Tbh i dont think liverpool have that much money because we've sacked rafa,hodgson and dalglish and now we are getting rid of some of the backroom staff to cut the wage bill down but in january we will have to buy our targets early if we have any that is
    I found out that she goes by Rita on DDF. I was only able to find 16 lores samples.

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    Are you interested?

    I also found this complete set (not samples):

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    We've managed to get worse since nearly winning the premier league in 09 lol but selling alonso was our downfall. But at the moment it seems like they cant be bothered and we have no out and out striker who can score until january and even then we might not even buy one:hm1:
    See the Sunderland vs Lpool game? I would rather paint a wall and watch it dry than watch lpool atm lol:D
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