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  • I see I see. Well the reason sounds justifiable. Relax, I should be able to handle things for a bit while you recover from the loss of your companion.
    I am sorry to hear the loss.:sad: Hopefully he is enjoying himself. Almost 15 years is quite a long time (if i recall). I bet he was glad to have you as his owner.O:)

    Yeah i have been trying to stay busy. I just want to get the UK glamour models more recognition as they are usually ignored by the more well known VS models:bat:.
    I am also not a fan of candids (most of my posts i think reflect that). especially the private life ones.I hardly ever post in the spamthread also, so I guess I'm with you on that one.

    I suppose not, though it was probably a really good wall/desktop:D if it were to win that award.
    BTW why is there no awards anymore? i don't see one for 2010 or 2011?
    not much. Just posting more senseless pictures. You seem to have stopped posting stuff. You should start back up again mate. I saw the Nuts scans from a while ago. What about you?

    Yeah, I tend to jump around with posts and replying to people.
    BTW you seem to like similar females as me :)(i.e: Ales, Vikki, British Glamour Females) etc. So kudos to that.:fonzy:
    and how come you never got a user title?
    "i guess 5th tag is also your doing huh Lamb :p"

    It isn't, I'm afraid. But shinglish was :D
    i rarely check this "section" :oops:, so i just see this now...


    tut b0r1s je naš ;)

    btw, i managed to find 2more sets... coming up soon
    Ja no to je pa fajn sva vsaj 2 iz Slovenije..........od Julie nimam prejšnjih slik od MA.........zaenkrat so mrtvi linki........bomo videli! Za podpis pa maš prav tam manjka s. Lp
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