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  • You are more than welcome. Your posts are great and I like Sunny quite a bit. The Jism2 photoshoot is very nice, hope you have more of those.
    I read one of your other conversations and you mentioned it. Thanks again for the posts.
    Thanks for all the great posts. Appreciate them very much...
    I'm in California. What state are you in?
    Cannot merge them, I don't have rights to edit those topics that are already archived.
    rofl....yeah i live in India. Scan For HQ........? you mean with higher DPI
    Hey can you find Some HQ scans for Indian Magzine of Amrita rao 2010.? or just tell me how to search for it. please.
    It's okay. I just making sure you knew about it :)
    Done, thanks for the heads-up.
    (We have a report post button as well ;))
    Oh, I see. No, my parents come from lines of Portuguese and Irish (among other things). I always thought bobaganoosh was a funny word, and there's a character from some movies that says "nooch" as like his catch phrase, so I just put the two together. Are you Turkish?
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