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  • Haha..yea her being an actual drummer would've been too awesome :InLove: Great sig either way!! :lloll:
    lol..well how about that :mrgreen1: You know at first I thought it was Keeley Hazel :hm1:
    haha thanks!! :hm1: you know what's funny is you actually sent me a VM about it 2 months ago, I guess I just completely missed reading it. Sorry about that :lloll:
    Hi, you have 6 messages and I have only 1 xDD

    Thanks for accepting my friendship request!
    I'm joining BieberFrosto's quest in finding out more about the lovely lady in your avatar. Pretty please?
    hey yo!

    let me make you feel special by writing something in here!
    and i will immediately join that social group!

    have a nice day!
    Hi, thanx for accepting my friendship request, awesome avatar, i love it.

    ...uuuppsss first message in your profile, i hope you get more :)
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