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  • What's up? I heard a Croatian team is joining KHL next season. Your thoughts on that? :)
    LOL. Yea I listened to that mashup. Shit is hilarious. And fantastic :rofl2:

    You pick up the new Volbeat album??
    Lol. That was interesting :p

    Merry (late) Christmas to you!! Hope you had fun with your family and had some good food :p
    Do ittttt!! It's crazy expensive though so make sure to have plenty of moolah :lloll:

    I tried to take pictures, but all I had was my phone so the quality isn't that great :( I'll try uploading them soon for you take a look at :D
    Omg dude soooo awesome!! It was the greatest sound my unprotected ears have ever heard :lloll:

    And for that pic, I go through about all those phases by the "laugh" part (in 'Muricas side) :p
    Well duuuhhhhh!! :lloll:

    Oh!! I've been meaning to tell you!! I went to the F1 race here in the US!! :D
    Ahhh yes of course. How could I forget :p

    Volbeat's headlining a concert in my city in March!! :crazy2: :crazy2: :crazy2: :crazy2: :crazy2:
    That's some pretty good stuff right there I must say :Good2: I've never heard the term "desert rock" before, but I have heard a couple of Kyuss songs.

    I see they're from your country. Are you their manager or something?? :p

    Also lol at the band name :lloll:
    I know right!?! I wasn't sure which one to send you between that one and For Whom the Bell Tolls. Those are probably my faves so far :p And of course what they named themselves after, Fade to Black
    WOW :drool1: :drool1:

    Also, if you haven't already been introduced, I present to you, Fade to Bluegrass. :lloll:
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