1st official forum.skins.be awards - "The nominated"

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* Best avatar:

- John117
- Boris
- b0r1s
- Rabies
- Batou
- Bruce Mcc
- KryptonianJedi

* Best signature:

- b0r1s
- MetalMachine
- Batou
- Janka Pusta
- Rabies
- Snowflake
- angel_gurl (the one with Kristin Kreuk)
- Boris
- John117 (the one he use to have)

* Best comment/reply:

WOW! Scarlett with 3 balls :D ! Me like :rolleyes:

thanks HB
[...]Yesterday for the first time I tried to wank Kristin kreuk pics, but couln't do it, it just didn't feel right, and I love this chick a lot maybe thats why I couldn't do it, weird thing.
I have stated my case, and, it is a valid one with some well put across points. You on the other hand are an ass!!
* Best thread 2006:

- The Art Request Thread
- Kristin Kreuk

* Most entertaining thread

- Rate the Avatar Above You
- Rate the Signature Above You
- Rate the Desktop Above You
- babe tournament

* Best artistic user

- b0r1s
- sweetdreams
- R-One
- Batou
- gtsorcerer

* Nicests user Desktop

- Crock
- Batou
- Kryptonian Jedi-(Katharine McPhee)

* Most helpful user

- b0r1s
- yanksno1
- Rabies
- Batou

* User Contribution award

- metalmachine
- The Caretaker
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I don't believe I've done anything to get someone voting me for "Most helpful user".. I think it's just b0r1s twice. :-k
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