Add names with the wallpapers


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On the right side of the page there 7 random pictures. When you click on them they come up in a new browser window. But how do I tell who this person is ? It would be nice that the name was listed.

For example when I click on a picture it comes up in a new browser window. The name can be listed there somewhere. Or you can set the Celebrity's name to be the Title of webpage.

Currently I do this:

1. Right-click on the wallpaper
2. Select Properties
3. Look at the URL (Address) for the file name
4. Attempt to figure out the name of the Celebrity from the file name



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jonwetzul023 said:
you just leave the mouse pointer over the wallpaper, then it will say the name.
It works in Internet Explorer but it does not work in Mozilla Firefox. The HTML code on this site is not compliant with the W3C standards. The ALT tag should not be used to display the popup bubble. Instead the TITLE tag should be used. You can read more here.

Not compliant with W3C:
Compliant with W3C: