alizee only?


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What's up with the main site ?!?

It's been Alizee for days now and almost nothing but Alizee. I mean come on!

Don't get me wrong, Alizee is a pretty thing but come on, there are tons of hotties posted everyday of witch at least some pics must qualify as desktop material but I don't see any of those :x


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James said:
either Alizee or Christina....that's all i've been seeing. :(
I agree with you. Lately it was a very heavy dose of Alizee and Christina.

Too much of even a good thing can get boring and repetitive. You have to mix up the releases to keep the site full of surprises.

For example:

Present Style: 40 Alizee + 20 Beyonce + 30 Avril +......

Suggested Style: 2 Alizee + 3 Beyonce + 1 Avril + 1 Alizee + 2 Beyonce + 1 Avril + 1 Beyonce + 3 Alizee +......


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sid4life said:
and here I thought I was the only one who was getting driven crazy by that.
I am glad I read this thread because I thought I was the only one.

It is good to know that having a craving for "new meat" is indeed normal. :lol: