And the winners are... (2nd Annual Forum Awards)



Surma (13) - CD (11) - caLux, Kros (9)

Kros (14) - b0r1s (9) - Cangrejo (8 )

Konrado (14) - Hellhound (9) - Ghinji, Kros (7)

Chrysalis (17) - The Caretaker (7) - The Caretaker (6)

Batou (14) - b0r1s (10) - The Caretaker (6)

The Caretaker (13) - b0r1s (9) - menu-select, mersa (3)

The Caretaker (13) - xelf (8 ) - b0r1s (7)

Hayden Panettiere (17) - Hilary Duff (14) - Kristen Bell (13)

Guess the Breasts Game (13) - Which music... now? (8 ) - Word Association Game (7)

Babe Tournament 2007 (20) - Jennylyn Mercado (10) - Guess the Breasts Game (5)

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The Caretaker

That's what she said©
you forgot one :lloll:

Now seroius stuff:
Thanks to all users who participated in our 2nd annual forum awards. Also one big thanks to all users who shared their vote to me (thank you).
And congratulations to other winners.
Hope you all enjoyed this years awards 8)
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Congratulations to all the winners!
And big thanks to everyone who voted for me :buddy:


Yeah, congrats to all winners! =D>
And thanks for all the votes that i got! :Good1:

To all winners:
If you want, you can get your award as an extra user title below your username.
Just send a PM to The Caretaker! ;)


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I got more then I ever hoped for so thank you everyone. Congratz to the winners.

2nd Best User Desktop, would that validate as a custom title? ;)


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Congrats for the winners :D and everyone who take nomination :)

Kros: what i need write to TC

Ps. I havn't ever been a winner of any competiotion ;)


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Congratulations to the winners!

Hayden looks so cute in that picture btw. Aww. :D

I still don't know how the Jennylyn thing started, though. I was like, "wtf, I thought only Flips knew about her (unfortunately)" lol


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Congratulations to all the winners! A big well done also goes to all those that got nominated. ;) Well deserved all round.
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I never knew my guess the breast game initiative would result in being the best chat thread! Cheers to all! :D


I take one weekend off and what happens? I have the nicest avatar! :D Thanks guys! Also thanks to Alexis Bledel for her beautiful face and Kros for his artistic abilities.
Congrats to all winners :D