Asian Girls

Red Revenge

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loosing weight there girl??? :wink:
Asian girls aren't bad. But of course you got some of them going your eyes pop out. :) (sry for english if its not good)


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i dont understand people aficionados with having an asian chick, they're like nothing you see in the pictures! but if you have to have one, get a half-black and asian one :D


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I just looove asians...i really's a shame there arent that many on skins... :'( *boehoehoe*


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just remember Hawaii and Ohio.. i cant remember what they mean, one means pretty and the other i dont know. Oh.. and that song, Domo hairy got-toe Mr Roboto .. just leave out the Mr Roboto part. It means Thank you very much .. Mr Roboto. and the all important, Munay = breast