BT08 Battle Images

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I don't want that to happen. Anyways here is my (I really wish she was mine!) Emilie de Ravin.

(love) (love) (love)(love)

The brightness on the secon picture is really bright I hope you can do something about that. :emiliedr:


Thanks Frinky ;)

And yes 007 is right, ASAP please... The Chuck Norris aspect will be enforced :lloll:

All who have PM'd... Thanks :yes1: They are all fine.

To those who don't mind what pic they get for their babe, please let me know...

And the rest... a random image will be chosen on Saturday or Sunday. And you will have no say in what image that is... ;)


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Mine are sent too! I hope all Megan Fans out there are satisfied with my choices :p1
It's not easy to choose ? [ I had to choose from about 250 pictures - You probably had to choose from a thousand ... ? ] I ended up with a top 20 , and from there ... Random. :sad1:


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1.129, to be exact, but there are still some I didn't download yet.
I had my Top 10 and from those i picked my favs. :)

We'll see, if the others will like it or not.


Great responses everyone... :fly1: Much better than the PM system last year. :lloll:

Several of you have given me images that are not quite right... But I will work through with you what is needed ;)

I know the recent responses haven't had replies :( (But I will soon)

The image deadline has been set at 12pm Sunday (gmt+1).

After that time if you have not PM'd me at all your babe pic will chosen by me :lloll: :mod1: (If you have at least PM'd me you are ok ;) and I will send replies by PM)


A double post... :whip1:

Down to the last few now :fly1: 12 to be exact are still needed...

  • Holly Valance (duyfken)... C'mon, our Aussie needs you ;)
  • Elisha Cuthbert (ronny411)... Surely not last years winner...
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Blackfly)
  • Joanna Krupa (Chrysalis)
  • Sophia Bush (sexyadam)
  • Keeley Hazell (The Trooper)... PM
  • Meagan Good (v1sionary)
  • Mila Kunis (skinsgo)... PM
  • Natalie Portman (
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar (Rabies)... Sorry but it is true :lloll:
  • Katherine Heigl (Boy9988 )
  • Petra Nemcova (selyoink)
Sorry to be harsh, and name users... But the BT is a commitment ;)

Bit more info:

The reason why I have requested 2 pics from everyone (don't worry about sending another if you have sent 1 already), was so that when the KO stages come around you are able to get a change from the group stage image if you want ;)

Now if your babe makes it into the cruel KO stage, you can reply here with either a YES/NO to this question... No need to PM then ;) Unless you want a brand new picture :lloll:

But basically at the KO stage you are a bit more free to choose your pic because the number of images (86 for the group stage :whip1:) I need to make is smaller :mrgreen1:

Good luck to all during this years BT!


But basically at the KO stage you are a bit more free to choose your pic because the number of images (86 for the group stage :whip1:) I need to make is smaller :mrgreen1:
That should keep you busy! ;)

I'll MSN the other pic to you, if I want to change it and if Avril makes through the 1st group stage. :)


Just wanted to say that based on battle images, this year is going to be very even tournament! Very good pics, everyone! :Good2:
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