BT08 Battle Images

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Just wanted to say that based on battle images, this year is going to be very even tournament! Very good pics, everyone! :Good2:
yeah i agree with you, and i want to say great works at Batou, and others who works on this BT.


Thanks guys :fly1: Good thing I removed the "blue stuff" :rofl1:

And a big thanks to everyone, considering I asked for a lot on what pics you could choose ;) You all helped out with the look of BT08 :lloll:

Well except the two users that the Staff chose for :lloll: Thanks Guys, oh and that Guy as well :buddy:


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Nah, I dont think so. There are some pictures which are really not one of the best. E.g. Rachel's or Holly's.


I have thought about the "bad image thing" that has occured this year... :mrgreen1: And BT is meant to be fun, and I don't want to point out the users that have made bad choices... But there has been a little bit of talk about it...

This may not have happened if my design showed bOObs, because all your focus would have been elsewhere... :p1

But should we have posted pics in this thread? So feedback/discussion could occur about pic choices?

And I am sorry to anyone who has been affected by this (I can think of probably 10+ babes that I would have chosen a different image...). But this is about pride for our favourites :lloll:

I only bring this up because soon we will enter the Knockout Stages... And once that starts there is no turning back ;)


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Unless the picture used for the battle image is not HQ then I don't see a problem with it. What's with people pointing out that a particular battle image used is awful? Obviously the sponsor of the babe likes the picture, otherwise he would not have chosen it.


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maybe the sponsors should send you 3 pics and tell you which one they prefer
then 3 mods or so, decide which one is the most appropriate

so the "quality team" can make sure, that there are no bad pics in the tournament


Perhaps the "quality team" would need 10...

I should have said to users to send me 5-10 pictures...

Thanks for the feedback though guys... BT is an evolving process :lloll:


I think this "quality team" sounds too complicated. :rolleyes:

Hope my Avril wasn't one of your 10+ babes. :lloll:


She wasn't ;) :lloll:

Ok, so with all the groups already starting to enter the 3rd round I am accepting new images for the KO images.

You can once again PM or post here... The max has been increased to 5.

You get to have a preference... But you must tell me which. If no preference is given, I will choose the "best". ;)


With no response yet... Deadline: Monday Sep 8th, 12pm GMT+1
Sophia Bush (sexyadam) Should we change it?
Ana Ivanovic (Kros)
Hilary Duff (razor007)
Josie Maran (menu-select)
Avril Lavigne (Boris)
Bar Refaeli (Hansson)
Keira Knightley (Valkyr)
Charlize Theron (ricochet)
Alessandra Ambrosio (BiggEisi)
Hayden Panettiere (Lofdofgutam)
Elisha Cuthbert (ronny411)
Katherine Heigl (Boy9988 )
Kristen Bell (Imperator)
Adriana Lima (AdrianaAlessandra)
Kate Beckinsale (red'seven)
Kristin Kreuk (007)​

Groups 5, 10, 11 & 12 require the 3rd round to confirm results. You get extensions... Wed Sep 10th, 12pm GMT+1

If you are happy with the current pic let me know ;) Remember that the KO rounds are not as forgiving as the group stage :lloll: So you had better get it right :mrgreen1:


Bad Mod :whip1: [-X

I would just like to extend a huge thanks to all the sponsors of this years BT08 :buddy:

You made my job, and the overall look of the tournament better. And helped to give a varied choice of pics for each babe ;) =D>

The final image has been sketched at the moment... And the final 4 sponsors will be PM'd to arrange the image choices for the last time in BT08 :yes1:

Hope to see you all again for BT09 :lloll:
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