Board Statistics - Forum Legend

Whenever I log on it says I am a "Board Legend"

*Fells Special 8) *

Just wondering if those were the titles I was told about a while back?


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Polyesterjones said:

Shouldn't a moderator, of all people, know about this already?

As if i'm always looking at the bottom of the left and i'm not a owner/creator of this forum i was added on later as a mod so no i didn't know


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lolol. that just shows what you are able to do at that particular section of the forum. go into a topic and look in the same place. it says topic legend. then look below it and it says what you are allowed to do in that topic. it isnt a rank thing. its like on a map, all the symbols are defined in the legend. thats all it means. you guys make me laugh. :lol: :lol: