boobie size

what is you favorite boob size

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I don't like humongous boobs. They look just so unnatural, even if they are 100% natural.

I don't have a particular favorite, but I would choose a petite cup size over the bigger sizes.


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i think f would be mind boggling. youd be like, " what am i gonna do??!! i dont understand!!!" then their head would explode.

C is just right.


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I like C best, because not too smal not too big, perfect to sleep onit
very comfortable and they're don't jump to much wenn me and my girlfriend are getting ...
u can imagine!


WOW!!! Just looked around in old threads.. Suprised that this thread died so fast...!!! I think I prefere a B or a C... But bigger is also welcome :wink: (and if the girl is very nice, I can settle with an A-cup :p )

Mr. Sparkle

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a-c...d is fucking gross on most fact i think only a handful of chicks have a nice d size that i know...

anyway if you want to call them boobs...that'll be better...cause boobie sounds like some four year old....

Janka Pusta

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I tried to simply reply with "C", but then this message appeared "You must enter a message".

Isn't "C" a message? :?: