Britney's Boob-job

Britney had a boob-job

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Britney had a boob-job

Check the movie in the movie-topic, it will clear everything up

I think it's true


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I have no clue as to what she has done to her breasts.

One moment they will be small, the next they will have doubled in size. It's nothing short of amazing.


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lol........when jessica Got fatter they got bigger and when she lost wait she went back to a C and brittry probly made the same way....since they both from the south?


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She publicly denied it I don't know how many times. Last I heard she used water-filled bras or something back in the day, and that's when all those before/after pictures popped up. If you saw some of the "just woke up" Britney pictures of late you'd know she doesn't have implants, and also that she's not all that attractive without her makeup. If I can find them I'll post them, but as of right now I forgot where they were. There's a reason those things are called WonderBras... :roll:

curt dogg

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i think it is 50, 50

im not sure if she did ,but to me it looks like she did, i think she did it cause everybody was looking at christina and how much hotter she is then brittney


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Well she's taken out the silicone now so what does it matter? Now she's stuck with a pair of stretched out tits and no way of rectifying them except for getting even bigger tits then she had before. She has nasty titties anyway. Her nipples point downwards for fucks sake.