Chat room?

Chat room?

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i think its a good would give me somthing to do....LOL.....maybee look bad since i will be there like 24//7


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Sweet said:
i dont have IRC and dont wanna get
you can enter chatrooms as a webguest with only java enabled in your browser
so you dont need an irc client
btw im on irc for some years and ive never registered it and it still works :D


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I would say no for a java chat room.
It would slooooww down the site, and there is no point of reloading a site just to get into a chat.
I would say yes to an chat room if it was either IRC, or a standalone java application. But then it should be able to do things like, icons. And most of all be able to send files.

So for no to java chat room.
Yes to IRC chat room.