Collien Fernandes


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just visited the german maxim site and found these new pics...
after some google search, i found them in a higher quality. not great, but better than the ones from maxim itself.


sorry, didn't know how to make thumbnails... :oops:


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EDIT: It looks like most of these had been previously posted, in the pic thread, not the request thread where I posted, sorry to the original posters, but just had them on my HDD, sorry hightower & thebeach

Don't know where these came from, but credit to the original scanners.



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Collien Fernandez

Isn`t she a hottie ?
Yes she is :!:

She`s a german model/actress/presenter


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Henker said:
does anybody have the new pics from the newest german maxim issue?
Oh, I prey there is someone... ;) She's simply one of the most amazing women I've ever seen. One of those really rare combinations of "cuteness and hotness" - if those words exist at all... :)
Maybe, that impression's even stronger as she reminds me of a friend of mine, but I guess I made that up in my mind. After all, she's totally worthy of being subject of my first post around here. [And btw: Hello all!] :D