Dalene Kurtis


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oh my God...she's stunning...about the first pornstar-kinda-woman i really really like...DANG...i would def. f*ck her...and again...and again...and again...again...again...till im in coma or something ^^


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desibeats said:
it took me a while to notice the 'next gallery' link
Ahhhh I didnt notice the "next gallery".. Clicking link again...

She is pretty bad!

And I finally found the last gallery... took a while.. some of playboys pictures are starting to get a little riske from what they used to be.. i likes!


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@Tiesto: :shock:
you've got 'em all, haven't you?? and there are even more???


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Ok.. now i definatly see the use of posting not all the pictures horizontally.. :p

But HEY! Great pics Tiesto! I mean.. *drool*

Thanks! :halleloeja: