Denise Milani

Denise Milani - real or fake?

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I notice the metafile data on these indicate they were taken in 2009 but with the same camera model as more recent ones so I am puzzuled.
No reason to be puzzled.
She looks younger and with implants in this set.
The technical quality of photos is better - Matt Vantuch vs. Jerry Trlica behind the (same) camera.
It makes sense it is from 2009, probably one of the sets they were fighting over in court.


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Hey Shushu79 thanks for your comments. You seem to be aware of the different photographers and that makes sense because the previous one was so much better or would simply not post images that were not sharp or properly adjusted in Photoshop. It still puzzles me they use the same camera 3 years later given how quickly technology changes and every photographer has their own equipment preference but thanks again for enlightening me on this point.



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Thanks ClanLord, but all I can say is "BORING", "BORING"!!!! I guess I keep coming back to this site in hope that Denise will start to look sexy again but at this point, I just don't think it's going to happen anymore. Unfortunately, that Wendy girl is following in Denise's shoes. What a shame, to very good looking girls with large chests and all they can provide us are stupid pictures of going shopping or posing fully clothed :(
Have a good weekend boyz!!


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WOW.......I can't believe how gross Denise looks in those stupid competitions she does. Can somebody knock some sense into that girl