Denise Milani

Denise Milani - real or fake?

  • Real

    Votes: 358 56.4%
  • Fake

    Votes: 207 32.6%
  • Not sure

    Votes: 70 11.0%

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New member
Well, what can I say.....At least Denise looks have decent in her latest photo set called "Work out in blue". Got to love the short, black, very tight shorts she's wearing. Not to impressed with Denise the past year or two :(


New member
So true...very disappointing. I remember the days when I used to mastrbate to many of her pictures and now I don't even waste my time with her anymore. I check in hoping that things will change but she continues to do very boring picture sets


New member
Looks like she posts a photo 1-2 times a week on facebook and/or instagram and that's about it. Doesn't even have any blog posts on her website more recent than February.