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I think it does....a woman is then beautiful, if she knows how to sell herself...otherwise you wouldn't know her....


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Well for me beauty is beauty, period. I know I would choose a hot woman who I only see once every 3 months - but is stunning each time, over another who i see new shots of every week but sometimes looks mediocre or trashy as well.
Quality not quantity :wink:


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ahaha V1sionary, i wonder who you will vote for in this final Jessica-Elisha, as you seems to like both of them.

As for me : Elisha ftw :D


Sorry Elisha.. you dont get my vote. I dont know why everyone likes her so much! Jessica, Kate or Megan would get my vote in a match against Elisha... Almost every girl would get my vote instead of Elisha ;)


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No offense, both women look great and everything, but they are sort of the obvious choice.


That was no offense, I only wanted to say that there is nothing special about Elisha. Okay, there is also nothing special about "boring" Jessica but she didnt win BT yet.

I thought Megan would do it cause she is definitely the hottest girl this year. If Elisha wins please change the URL from to



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Yeah, Elisha vs. Jessica is a little predictable and boring, but that's what people wanted so oh well. So Jessica beats Kate, Kate beats Megan, yet Jessica can't beat Megan? Hmmm, how are people voting? I guess that's the exciting and unpredictable part of it? :D

Both are fine ladies but I think I'll vote Jessica because there are so many nice babes around that if the same one was to win it twice in a row, that would be a little disappointing.
Pregnant or not, there is more sex appeal in what Jessica leaves floating in the toilet bowl after a big night at a restaurant than Megan will ever have.
:rofl1: You've said many funny and harsh things throughout the tournament but this latest outburst is just too :rofl2:
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Elisha can't win two times in a row - that's main reason why it's likely that she'll lose.

I must say I got bored with Jessica some time ago, but that moment may have passed :]


Why shouldn't Elisha win? She's one of the most popular girls, doesn't matter to me if she won last time.
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