BT08 Draft

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There are 48 "spots" available. Every user can choose one babe each. (until 48 have been chosen). The babe you choose is the one you are "sponsor" for, and it is your duty to try your best to campaign for her, to make her get as far as possible in the BT08.

Write the name of the babe you wanna be sponsor for here in this thread.
note: You have to have 10+ posts before it is okay to choose a babe you wanna be "sponsor" for. If not, your choice won't count...

A list with the chosen babes will be added to this post, and updated as much as possible.

Good luck to all!!

This thread will open Tuesday, August 19th at 6pm (GMT+2)

Babes of BT08

  1. Ana Ivanovic (Kros)
  2. Kristin Kreuk (007)
  3. Avril Lavigne (Boris)
  4. Kristen Bell (Imperator)
  5. Veronika Fasterová (The-InnocenT)
  6. Megan Fox (Okeanus)
  7. Maria Menounos (mersa)
  8. Katharine McPhee (Batou)
  9. Holly Valance (duyfken)
  10. Elisha Cuthbert (ronny411)
  11. Candice Swanepoel (Electrick)
  12. Scarlett Johansson (Cangrejo)
  13. Alessandra Ambrosio (BiggEisi)
  14. Josie Maran (menu-select)
  15. Charlize Theron (ricochet)
  16. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Blackfly)
  17. Leighton Meester (sid4life)
  18. Jessica Alba (taekwondoman)
  19. Carrie Underwood (ReDim)
  20. Joanna Krupa (Chrysalis)
  21. Alina Vacariu (Gentles)
  22. Miranda Kerr (ncish7)
  23. Sophia Bush (sexyadam)
  24. Linn Asplund (kinget)
  25. Kate Beckinsale (red'seven ***changed username, previous Treezy***)
  26. Keira Knightley (Valkyr)
  27. Emilie de Ravin (Frinky)
  28. Adriana Lima (AdrianaAlessandra)
  29. Michelle Trachtenberg (Platinum)
  30. Keeley Hazell (The Trooper)
  31. Hayden Panettiere (Lofdofgutam)
  32. Danielle Lloyd (JustInTimeForLove)
  33. Jessica Biel (Scooter)
  34. Rihanna (elosefast)
  35. Bar Refaeli (Hansson)
  36. Teresa Moore (nutcrackr)
  37. Mena Suvari (Craven1138)
  38. Hilary Duff (razor007)
  39. Christina Aguilera (BigBadWeasel)
  40. Meagan Good (v1sionary)
  41. Rachel Bilson (mindphunk)
  42. Mila Kunis (skinsgo)
  43. Eliza Dushku (starbreaker)
  44. Rachel Stevens (angelus4009)
  45. Natalie Portman (
  46. Sarah Michelle Gellar (Rabies)
  47. Katherine Heigl (Boy9988)
  48. Petra Nemcova (selyoink)
0/48 spots left...

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And with the 2nd pick of the '08 BT draft, 007 picks the 25 year old, 5' 4" super babe from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada... Kristin Laura Kreuk! :rose: :love1: (L)

Go Kristin, Go Kristin, Go!!! :yeah:
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not taking any chances, this year I WANT my first choice (wich is NOT Jessica Alba for the first time)

Veronika Fasterová


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And my sponsorship goes to South Africa's hottest export, Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron.


Hmmmm... Mary Elizabeth Winstead

My first choice (Nicky Whelan) unfortunatley only looks good on one picture. So I'd like to support Mary.
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