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those last two were Soroyama correct? He's awesome! Saw a couple Olivia's in the first set as well...nice!


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heres a few of my Sorayama pin-ups...the amazing thing about these is they are actually drawings! NOT photos!



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Fantom said:
Arclite said:
Keith Garvey my personal favourite!
Holy shit! Is the stuff on his site the only stuff around? Do you have any that's not on his site?
wan't more stuff from keith Garvey...
well look arterotismo and the try google or altavista or what ever I'm sure you'll find more.
I never had a reason to find more =P~ :wow: those are enough for me


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More Hyung-Tae Kim!

I wish I could post more of my pics, but I've got dial-up and not a lot of spare time :x

More to come...