Erica Campbell


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Amaru said:
shes real ugly and got real ungly tits... :?
And you base that off of what?

Believe me, I have a lot more Erica Campbell pictures. And she's very pretty, has very pretty tits, and can be personable. She had been a poster during her time as a Playboy Sexy Girl Next Door about 18 months ago.


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Lookus said:
That picture really doesn't do her justice. This one is a bit better

o man, is that the same person?

she looks decent enough in the first pic, but in the naked pic she's soooo white it's scary.


Blu Ray™
naaaah you just got the wrong pictures of her. she can look really great. and the way she looks at you just makes me... hmmm think about it :roll:



Blu Ray™
a bathrobe doesn't count as clothes :p :wink:

but posting a few more pics won't change your mind, hm?


ha! found one with normal clothes

now you can say you neither like her with nor without clothes


Blu Ray™
already knew that :lol:

but i still don't get it how you can resist such a cute face...