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Not that happens but I cannot appear, me soil to get very much into the forum.

Let's speak a bit about series of Anime. Which are the series of Anime that you know and it pleases you more?

I you put a site where you can visiónar these series:
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Dragon Ball y Dragon Ball Z Excellent series.
Age 1984-1996.
Series created by Akira Toriyama.
Series of Fightning, Martial-Arts, Big Powers and Fantasy.
Characters: They Son Gokuh, Vegeta, Piccolo, Bulma, A-18, etc.

Age 1999.
Series created by Masashi Kishimoto.
Series of Fightning, Ninjas, Big Powers and Fantasy.
Characters: Naruto-kun, Sakura-San, Sasuke-kun, Kakashi Senshei, Gaara, Tsunade, etc.

One Piece
Age 1997.
Serie created by Eichiro Oda.
Serie of Pirates, Adventures, Big Powers and Fantasy.
Characters: Luffy D. Monkey, Nami, Roronoa Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Nico Robin y Chopper.

Age: 2001.
Serie Created by Kubo Taito.
Serie of Adventures, Fantasy, Fighting spirituals, Big Powers.
Characters: Kurosaki Ichigo, Rukia Ruchiki, Inoue, Sado, Uruhara, Uryu Ishida, Renji Abarai, etc.

Age 1996-2007
Serie created by Rumiko Takahashi.
Serie of Adventure, Fantasy, Historical.
Characters: Kagoma Higurashi, Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Kirara.

Saint Seiya
Age 1986-1990
Serie created by Masami Kurumada
Genre: Mythology, Shonen, Fantasy.
Characters: Saori Kido, Seiya (Saint of Pegasus), Shiryuo, (Dragon), Hyoga (Cygnus), Shun (Andromeda), Ikki (Phoenix), Etc.

Yuyu Hakusho
Age: 1990-1994.
Serie Created by Yoshihiro Togashi.
Genre: Supernatural, Shonen, Action.
Here you have all the information on Anime.


Look at this page. Here it is Anime that they are prepared for the cinema.
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Naruto, Hellsing, Samurai champloo my favs. Samurai champloo is one the greatest resent animes and also the least corny/cliché of them. Naruto is been my fav since it debuted, I'd rather watch cool ninjas like Itachi and Gaara fight than tell some pokemons what to do in a fight, thats stupid.
Hellsing is just the Anime of them all and the Cooooooooolest character anime world could ever have Alucard (dracula backwords). I also like Ranma, but I've only seen a few episodes, so can't really say much.


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One Piece is kinda funny and i watch it sometimes..

But i dont like any other anime. ;) Watched Dragonball some years ago (with 14 or something), was cool at this time, but now i think its just childish:p


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I removed those links, let's make this topic open for discussion only.
No links to unknown external sites.
Wikipedia's link is ok, because it's highly known website.
Which rule(s) forbind to post external links?

When I was jung, I wachted the Dragon Ball series :)
but our government banned it, because it was too brutal :Oneteath :lol:


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this one:
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i don't really watch many animes

i watched yu-gi-oh for a while
and sometimes pokemon when i'm really bored

i guess my favourite is detective conan
and i've just started to watch naruto


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They are series with many amusement, adventure and fantasy.

Do you want that it photos of some series Anime?:lloll:

I will put information about new series that are going out. The one that likes it, clear.:lol:


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My favorite is one piece, I like the cool characters and it´s a exciting anime with not to much dying people :p, but there are other great animes. For example death note has a very smart storyline.


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What is the Anime that most times you have seen? The spirit that spend more time seeing it?.
Do you like Dragonball GT? I do not like Dragonball Gt.

I just like from the Dragonball saga Piccolo, but especially I like the saga of the freezer and Majin Boo.

Cell I like almost everything except the moment of transformation of Perfect Cell.

Then another Anime that I have seen the One Piece, Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden at the moment. Bleach is also great.
Furthermore, I like these Animes: Inuyasha, Ranma 1 / 2, Yuyuan Hakusho, Saint Seiya.

Has anyone seen Saint Seiya?

Finally, someone saw Dragonball Evolution?, And it seems the film?
I personally give it a 7 because it's the Dragonball movie. But you can do better.


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Finally, someone saw Dragonball Evolution?, And it seems the film?
I personally give it a 7 because it's the Dragonball movie. But you can do better.
I personally thought that Dragonball Evolution was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I've been a Dragonball , DBZ, and GT fan for many many years and was so disappointed (and utterly disgusted) by how some of my favorite characters were portrayed on film.

Apart from Dragonball, I'm a big fan of all Gundam series. Also Bleach, Claymore, Naruto, Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, and D.Gray-man.


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Blame It on Fox and James Wong, echo could have been better but invented a story that does not look anything like the series and took off major characters.

But you can do better, I believe, Dragonball should have been a success. In the end there has been so bad that I have echo Twentieth Century Fox and James Wong.

He arranges shooting James Wong and best director for more than another category.

It is said that the director might be Michael Bay.

Dragonball Z can be done in the movies. That's what I eh have with the photoshop and I'm not professional.:)


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First anime I watched as a kid was Battle of the Planets. Just found out it was originally called Gatchaman. Then Astroboy, Thunderbirds 2086 and Robotech. I loved all 4 of them. Wish I could get them all on DVD. Right now I look on amazon and there are so many series, movies, sub-series, movies inbetween series, I don't know what or where to begin.

I guess I would like to get the Robotech series on DVD. The whole saga, not just the Macross saga.


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I also want series of anime. Jejeje

Oh my Dragon Ball Evolution but the story was great, it was Dragon Ball, I'm still waiting for a better adaptation of Dragon Ball Z since 2003.

Please signed is peticion. Thanks.


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Death Note
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Elfen Lied

1/4 watched, gotta see the other ones sometime, too. Haven't found time for them yet.


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I just wanted to say that every summer deepdiscount.com has a pretty good sale on anime shows and movies (as well as non anime stuff, too... but the highlight of their summer sale is the anime) ... Last year I was eyeing up the entire Kenshin series for $70 but didn't have the money at the time and figured I'd get around to it this year...