Favourite Computergame


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What are your current favourite computergames, in case u actually play games?

Mines are: UT 2k4, Need For Speed Underground, Max Payne 2


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On PC: Command & Conquer Generals - Zero Hour
On PS2: Burnout 3 - Takedown
On X-Box: Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow (but in 4 days it will be Fable for sure)


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counter strike (even tho the game is a piece of shit there just isnt anything better), and C&C generals...dont have the expansion.


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The elder scrolls III: Morrowind.
Deus Ex. (the first!!! second sucked)
Diablo 1 and 2.
Redneck Rampage and everything else where you can shoot without using your brains... Like Postal 2 and AvP :twisted:


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Don't play that much games on my computer only Championship Manager
PS2: Burnout 3 that game is sooo awesome and the new PES4


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sulphurine said:
NFS Underground, Max Payne 2, UT 2k4, Dave.....Dave is one of the most awesome game ever made...I love it.
Exactly the same games which I selected..but what is Dave? :D


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"Dangerous Dave"....it was a DOS game.. it has 10 levels & thrilling ones. Thus, i love it.

its only about 4MB(the entire game), but its awesome.