Favourite Movie Scenes


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What are some of your favourite scenes in movies? It can also be what you consider the best or the greatest scenes in movie history.

One of the best for me is the attack on the village in Apocalypse Now. It's sheer magnitude for its time (late 70's), the scope and the action are just phenomenal. Stick packs a wallop even when compared to today's standards.

I also like the village raid opening from Conan the Barbarian and the opening scenes from Gladiator. Both involve sword play, great scores and great action.

Then there is the ending to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. No top Hollywood director alive today would be able to get a scene like that through studio executives, based purely on the length of the scene. The tension, the build-up, the Sergio Leone close-ups, the Morricone score, all classic.

My favourite scene from The Whole Nine Yards is seeing Amanda Peet naked. Awesome!

Then there's Laura Harring's lesbo scenes with Naomi Watts in Mulholland Drive. More awesomeness!


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Fav scene? There's load of them :D Probably one for each of my load of fav movies :D

Let's start from classic:

http://imdb.com/title/tt0056058/ - Suppuku (1962). A scene when Hanshiro Tsugumo reveals why three swordmasters pretend to be sick. Wanna know?

He takes out of his kimono three hair knots - a symbol of samurai status. They pretended to be sick so noone would know that there was a sword master so good, that could cut of their hair.

And something not so classic:

Predator 2: Scene after conversation with jamaican "King Willie". Predator jumps from above and lands in water puddle, still invisible he walks through it, water splashes and drifts of invisible legs as he closes to guy. Marvelous :)


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It's hard to really choose a favorite.

The Two Towers -> Theodon's Where Is The Horse And The Rider speech and the Last March Of The Ents would come close to being favorite.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly -> The Ecstacy Of Gold scene.


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I don't really have one favourite scene, but something from a movie I watched recently springs to mind:

The scene in Terminator 3 where Arnold leaves that bar, dressed in the clothes of the male stripper, and then tries on his new and very purple sunglasses. The dead-serious look on his face was just hilarious. But of course that's not the best scene ever made... ;)


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I always enjoy the ending of the movie..I have downloaded the First Sunday last night.. I really enjoyed watching it..
I hope every movies have an good ending for the main character. It will like this kind of ending.
Movie Voci nel tempo


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There a whole heap, but one that always resonates for me is in `The Insider` with Russell Crowe and Al Pacino.

One of Crowe's daughters has asthma, and it's something noted throughout the movie. Anyway, it's a tiny little moment when the whistleblowing interview is finally aired and she looks over at her daddy, and you know she finally gets it, finally understands why all this upheaval in her life and that of her family has happened; because her daddy did the right thing, and it was all worth it.

I well up every time when we get there.

Awesome movie, by the by. :mrgreen:


Ah cool, don't know that this thread exists

American Beauty
- Kevin Spacey masturbating under the shower in the morning 'This is the highlight of the day'
- The paperbag scene, fantastic soundtrack, beautiful scene

Almost Famous
- Tiny Dancer-scene, you know where everyone in the bus is starting to sing. I love that scene!!

Back to the Future
- Michael J. Fox playing 'Johnny be good' near to the end of the movie. funniest scene ever!!


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In the Dark Knight:

Any Scene involving with Aaron Eckhart acting as 2-Face

Heath Ledger as the Joker ! R.I.P !

Right!!!??? NO Dispute Here!!!!!!!


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Two standout moments of Heath Ledger as the Joker (although the whole thing is amazing) are the pencil trick and him walking out of the hospital. :mrgreen: