BT09 Final ranking

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» Final Stage

[TABLE="width=600px;center;head;"]#|Babe|Pts G1|Pts G2|Votes +|Votes -|Diff.
1|Elisha Cuthbert|6|4|1090|605|485
2|Jessica Alba|6|4|975|711|264
3|Kate Beckinsale|6|2|1074|562|512
4|Hayden Panettiere|6|2|926|743|183
5|Bar Refaeli|6|0|803|567|236
6|Kristin Kreuk|6|0|747|585|162[/TABLE]

» Knockout Stage 2 «

[TABLE="width=550px;center;head;"]#|Babe|Pts G1|Votes +|Votes -|Diff.
7|Megan Fox|6|628|358|270
8|Scarlett Johansson|6|592|357|235
9|Kristen Bell|6|581|360|221
10|Adriana Lima|6|540|378|162
11|Charlize Theron|6|523|432|91
12|Rachel Bilson|4|571|353|218[/TABLE]

» Knockout Stage 1 «

[TABLE="width=500px;center;head;"]#|Babe|Pts G1|Votes +|Votes -|Diff.
13|Avril Lavigne|6|380|335|45
14|Katharine McPhee|4|416|282|134
15|Mila Kunis|4|383|334|49
16|Blake Lively|4|374|325|49
17|Hilary Duff|4|369|390|-21
18|Jennifer Lamiraqui|4|352|340|12
19|Holly Valance|4|337|363|-26
20|Jennifer Aniston|4|335|340|-5
21|Vanessa Hudgens|4|334|399|-65
22|Summer Glau|4|324|397|-73
23|Ana Ivanovic|4|310|392|-82
24|Ellen Page|3|332|391|-59[/TABLE]

» Group Stage «

[TABLE="width=450px;center;head;"]#|Babe|Pts G1|Votes +|Votes -|Diff.
25|Taylor Swift|3|235|275|-40
26|Joanna Krupa|2|264|220|44
28|Alona Tal|2|260|239|21
27|Miranda Kerr|2|250|274|-24
29|Ana Beatriz Barros|2|232|258|-26
30|Sara Jean Underwood|2|227|251|-24
31|Christina Aguilera|2|209|293|-84
32|Carmen Electra|2|205|274|-69
33|Veronika Fasterova|2|201|276|-75
34|Michelle Trachtenberg|2|190|309|-119
35|Olivia Munn|2|168|336|-168
36|Candice Swanepoel|1|235|283|-48
37|Jani Askevold|1|212|290|-78
38|Lacey Chabert|0|212|314|-102
39|Emilie de Ravin|0|163|334|-171
40|Teresa Moore|0|162|329|-167
41|Rosie Jones|0|158|325|-167
42|Hayley Williams|0|157|339|-182
43|Rhona Mitra|0|151|327|-176
45|Emily Deschanel|0|130|339|-209
46|Natalia Marie|0|114|353|-239
47|Emanuela De Paula|0|92|389|-297
48|Heather Tom|0|46|439|-393[/TABLE]

ranking criteria: 1st: rounds, 2nd: points Group stage, 3rd: total votes for, 4th: difference.


I guess 12th was the highest possible for Avril this year, but thas spot went to Rachel Bilson, so 13th is not bad at all. After all there are lots of big names behind, like Katharine, Mila, Duffy, Holly, Vanessa and Ana.

Bar improved nicely from last year :barr: !!

Let's see what BT'10 brings.. ;)


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A bronze finale of Hayden vs. Kate Beckinsale and a grand finale of Jessica vs. Elisha
Yeah, that's pretty much it :lloll:

Interchange one of those with Megan Fox and that's how it will remain for another few years :sleep1: :sleep3: :sleep2:


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next year it needs to be publicised on the main page, or at least the main forum page, by a large banner to let more people know its happening at all. then we might get a wider voting group and hopefully some more interesting results.


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Watch the Stats of Kate. She has better Vote-Stats than any other babe. Just bad luck getting against Elisha.


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It seems that this is over and done quite well.

But I'm looking forward to the next edition BT10. :)

It will be more spectacular. V__V
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