Force thumbnails?


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Its good, when people post pictures to this forum. But some pictures are just too big (Im talking about pictures size). So is it possible to force thumbnails this forum? So then we dont have to load all those pictures. (Sometimes page size is over 2mb!)

And when I download something, I have to wait over 5min to see topic last post... thats sucks.
But if people use thumbnails loading times were 10x smaller (or more)
And then readability is much better


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They advise you to upload your pics with there own imagehosting service...
than you get thumbs

but i agree with you some ppl post absurdly high res. pics what only make the site go slower


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We do prefer using our own imagehosting service.
A link to upload a picture can be found when posting a message, right above the body of your message.

I don't think it is already neccesary of people forcing to use thumbnailes.

As you can see our thumbnailes are a litle big bigger then the ones of imageshack. And we allow a maxmimum of 1.2MB per picture (200 kb more :p )



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TheDevil said:

And how do I aquire this hosting service?
when you add a reply or start a new topic, there is a link under the subject bar that says "Click here to upload a picture"
click on it and you can upload a pic


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limitz???? i havnt hit one at Image shack like the upload limit or like the file size limit the file size is 1024kb


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open it with paint, then save it again als .jpg
Or the problem can also be your browser, which one do you use?


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I'm using Mozilla.... the Trick with Paint doesn't work... already tried that befor....

I'll try it with IE now...

Ahhhh thx m8... now I can show u all of my good Pics :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


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Sweet said:
Bring em on......please dont force Thumbnails....i hate clicking on them
Thumbnails rule for ppl with slow connections or an old pc
the pages become to heavy to download and your pc can crash (or your browser)
so im VERY VERY happy with the thumbnails


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sweet said:
Bring em on......please dont force Thumbnails....i hate clicking on them
I would prefer thumbnails I have above average computer AMD 64 with top of the line Radeon and 1MB net connection and I still like thumbnails.
from there you can see is the pic worth of watching fully!
It's useless to show full picture to all 'cos everybody don't have same high tech things as you do.
Just my oppinion


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babeaddict said:
Sincere said:
thumbs are the best for every one
for everyone who's still using dial-up!!! but
its very rare nowadays...
Not only that (but come on if u still have dial-up :?) but i think it gives you a good view is someone's posting a lot of pics at once

but i really don;t care exctually