Forum re-activation


Staff member
Yes, this is happening. After being hiatus for 6 years, the forum is working again!

Lets put all negativity behind us (which the Skins team definitely deserves) and realise for a moment that we have been running this forum since 2004 (~15 years), and while there have been quite some ups & downs, we are still there for you all.

Anyways, had to switch the forum software as vBulletin is not really being well maintained anymore. For security reasons I had to downgrade all Admins/Mods/Editors/etc. - please just PM me if you really really really want to be part again of the Skins Family!

Just a quick summary:
  • the ownership of + forum has never changed in the past years
  • your data was never stolen/leaked/sold (though c'mon, this is not a bank, so please provide as little personal information as possible to us anyways)
  • we are not living off millions on a villa / some island, we are very authentic and hard working individuals
  • we unfortunately had other projects and completely lost energy on Skins (just remember we do not make any cent off Skins and we have zero investors, so sometimes it can be quite draining)
  • BUT: our love and enjoyment for Skins is back :)