Forum Rules (LU - November 15, 2011)

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  1. No impersonation of other users is allowed.
  2. Always treat fellow posters/users with respect and courtesy. Always.
  3. No misquotations or misrepresentations of other members. This is considered libel.
  4. Nor discrimination, racism, hate or any other form shall be endured!
  5. Using abusive language to other users is not allowed.
  6. Try to tolerate each other. Most people want to have fun on this forum, everybody is entitled to a free opinion and everyone has different tastes. So do not run someone down if he/she likes Carmen Electra and you don't for example.
  7. The language on this forum is English. No translation between brackets. End of discussion.
  8. Placing pictures on the Internet is your own responsibility and (legal) liability. This also applies to all images posted on the forum.


  9. It is not allowed to post images, videos or links with any adult content. Such as images/videos that show excessive flesh (eg women, naked with their legs open), pubic hair or images/videos of a sexual nature (playing with dildos, porn, etc)! Topless pictures or videos are permitted. Pictures and videos with genitals (even partial) are NOT permitted.
  10. Censoring/Cropping of pictures showing too many is not allowed. Don't post these pictures at all.
  11. No illegal material. This includes bestiality (sex with animals) and underage porn (lolita/child porn)!
  12. No discussion of how to illegally acquire copyrighted material or links to websites promoting subversion of copyright.
  13. Always post thumbnails (images that show the original full size picture after clicking). Thumbnails are to be no bigger than 250px in height. Remember that not everybody has broadband or a high speed connection. So images of many kb's could be inconvenient for slow connections. There are no restrictions for an imagehoster, though we recommend to use our own host:
  14. We allow posting pics of underage (younger than 18 years old, no younger than 16) celebs, but only fully dressed. No posting of nudity/sexually oriented material. No posting of bikini pics.
  15. No posting of trashy and disgusting Amateur pics!
  16. Posting fake celebrity pictures isn't allowed.
  17. Posting zipped files (.zip, .rar, etc.) in picture threads is not allowed. Use imagehosts.
  18. Hotlinking to images, blogs or other boards is not allowed.
  19. Post in one line, with space between the thumbnails/imagecodes (no "returns").
  20. When posting images in a lower resolution or bad quality (less than 1000 pixel on the shorter side/LQ/MQ), please add a warning your post.
  21. When posting tagged images (Fansite tags etc.), please add a warning your post.
  22. Always use the Search Engine before you open a new thread or create a new post. To prevent double posting or duplicate topics.
  23. Please post in the correct forums. The descriptions are given. If you still have any doubts, contact one of the Mods or Admins.
  24. When opening a new topic in the picture sections: Keep the title restricted to the celeb/babes name, don’t forget to add a description of her to let people know who she is. For all other sections, don’t create thread titles that make no sense or are vague.
  25. Do not delete pictures etc. from your own posts... It is very disturbing for the other users.
  26. You can comment on the pictures posted or say 'thank you' in the HQ picture sections. For real discussion about a celeb/model (gossip, looks, ...) refer to the Celebs Chat section. So that people won't have to look through a large number of pages to find pictures. Don't quote all pics when replying, add a link to the original post instead.
  27. Do not mention sites for promotional purposes, or use the forum for commercial purposes. e.g. opening topics to sell something.
  28. This is not a dating site. Such advertisements are forbidden!
  29. For your safety, no public posting of any personal contact information.
  30. The posting rules also apply to social groups and profile pages.


  31. An avatar has a maximum size of 180 width x 220 height.
  32. A profile picture has a maximum size of 100 width x 100 height.
  33. A signature image has a maximum size of 500 width x 150 height.
  34. Only one image in your signature is allowed.
  35. Animated Gifs are not allowed for either avatar, profile picture or signatures.
  36. No nudity/violence/advertising graphics and abusive language are allowed in your avatar/profile picture/signature.
  37. No site promotion in signatures or signature images (no wallpaper sites etc.), personal sites are allowed though.
  38. Do not put referrer links in your signatures (like usercash, free stuff, browser games, ...)
  39. Concerning external links in sigs:
    • Because the Skins Forum has no control over such sites and resources, you acknowledge and agree that the Skins Forum is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources,
    • We're not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products, or other materials on or available from such sites or resources.
    • Non compliant signatures will be deleted or altered by an admin.
    • This forum doesn't take any responsibility concerning links in sigs.

Violation of these rules WILL have consequence. To which extent is a decision to be made by the moderating staff.
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