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Hi @ everyone,

just wanted to have some really funny in this Board, so it would be great if some people could post some really funny Fun-Sites like - The Fun-Download-Portal

So come on, post one :!:

:D :D :D


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Yes, okay, you´re right....but all the others here are just looking after boobs and girls so it´s looking... :wink:

[sry 4 my bad English]


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OK, I wasn't planning on giving this site away. but i like you guys. some may already know it. its a good site, visit this site just as much as i visit and this furom. there alot of people who have registered to the site including me. you must register to leave a comment, but dont worry, its free.

tell me what you guys think of the site after you've checked it out! :D


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Oh, yes, it´s GERMAN... :D

There are just 1 thing you can do:
:arrow: Learn German (veeeeeeery difficult) :wink: :wink: :wink:

Or just try it without learning German, some things are already English (Downloads, Gallery, and so on).

Anyhow, its funny :p


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Uh steak and cheese that page is sick and funny then and now, but mostly sick... yup I've ran across that page few times...

Funny Junk should be somewwhat funny mostly pics and animations did not see this link here strange.
I usually find this on every forum.


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They don't force the "sick" content on you. You can choose what you watch or look at, of course.

So yes, if you are only watching nasty things, then of course you will perceive the site as nasty.

With that said, is THE nasty site on the internet.


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Rotten is a brilliant site, it's so sick.
If your into humour rather than decapitation and gross stuff click Here

It's a brilliant site full of games, quizes and videos