Germany's Finnest


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the girl in euro trip was pretty hott isk if thats germanys finest...if it is i can see why they wanted to take over the worl so there finest coulf be 2x that lol.....they r pretty hott


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sure, i'm working at a gas station (tankstelle) and there it stands next to playboy and so on...
i think it is pretty good...
just like fhm and maxim, with a little bit more skin shown.... y'know :wink: :wink:


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Girl from eurotrip

She is The best girl ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her name is Jessica Boehrs or Jessica Böhrs in the countries where that letter is in use.
She is so beautiful, sexy and everything good what I can say about girl.


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I wont believe it but one of the cover girl of the matador magazine( wich u didnt post) is a neighboer of's really through but i think she is going to study and livng in another town...