BT09 Closed Match Group 2 Match 2 - Joanna Krupa vs. Emanuela de Paula

Joanna Krupa vs. Emanuela de Paula

  • Joanna Krupa

    Votes: 133 80.6%
  • Emanuela de Paula

    Votes: 32 19.4%

  • Total voters
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Joanna for me. She's been my favorite ever since I first saw her. Add the fact that I don't know Emanuele that well results in a clear vote for the Polish model.


Saiyana Linguist
Not that will exist this Joanna Krupa began interesting but this one clear that voted for her for this one for Emanuela de Paula does not say anything to me.

This one I it realize well. Here Sophia Bush had been better or him Emmy Rossum. It had given him more interest to this voting.

Seen that the Joanna Kruppa Winner by absolute majority:p1:)

Amunt Joanna.


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This one was an easy choice for me. I already have a bunch of Joanna Krupa's pictures and wallpapers and this is the first I have heard (or seen) of the challenger. I looked over the selection of wallpapers right here on and my mind was quickly made up...



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I mulled over it, but bottomline, Emanuela doesn't cut it for me, and Joanna does, so I ended up with Joanna Krupa.
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