Match closed Group 7, Match 2: Katherine Heigl vs. Leighton Meester

Katherine Heigl or Leighton Meester?

  • Katherine Heigl

    Votes: 88 55.3%
  • Leighton Meester

    Votes: 71 44.7%

  • Total voters
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Getting her ass kicked already and no one even waited for posts. I dont think Sid4life has to even bother with a campaign this time.


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Thanks for the votes so far. It's tough to put together a campaign for Leighton since she doesn't do many photoshoots. Most of her pics are candids and paparazzi. However, I think that's a credit to how gorgeous she is...she can look hot as hell just walking down the street without any photography tricks.

Here's some Leighton for your viewing pleasure.

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