Match closed Group 8, Match 1: Kristen Bell vs. Petra Nemcova

Kristen Bell or Petra Nemcova?

  • Kristen Bell

    Votes: 108 67.1%
  • Petra Nemcova

    Votes: 53 32.9%

  • Total voters
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That's what she said©
Even tho i like Petra very much, but that Croatian cosmo cover with Kristen Bell is too great to ignore :rose:
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Thanks to all members who post extra pics of :kristenb:
Don't forget to vote (Kristen!) ;)


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KBell is very sexy no doubt about that at all, but c'mon... if the movie Weird Science was real life, Petra Nemcová is what you would get. Not only is she crotch-achingly gorgeous, but from her SI and calendar interviews she seems to have one of the nicest personalities you could ever hope to meet. Even her ex-boyfriends (James Blunt) can't come up with anything even remotely critical to say about her. James Blunt reportedly said of the guy who replaced him, that he was a very lucky man indeed and was sure to get the best sex of his entire life with Petra. The woman is quite simply perfection.

It's a shame she's been put up against KBell, because KBell deserves to go much further than the first round, but you simply cannot place her (or virtually anyone in fact) ahead of Petra. It just doesn't make sense.

I dunno if they're putting something in the water in Czecho but crikey moses there is some premium hawt POA coming out of that little country.

Czecho = the new Brasil
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