how did u guys (or girls) discovered skins?


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I was looking for a wallpaper of Jessica Alba at the time... and I found this site... and now I go here all the time for wallpapers. =)


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Downloaded a file with over 1000 wallpapers off bit torrent, and on one of the good wallpapers had the website address ^_^

Red Revenge

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discoverd it a year ago I think. Visit everyday love the site!

How? I cant remember guess I was looking for a good wallpaper site in belguim and I found it and never left. :wink:


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I found out about from an Xbox modding site. They were discussing a program (more specifically a "dashboard") that would randomly download pictures from this site to use as backgrounds.

I have been hooked ever since.


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Im new here, just thought id add to the conversation. I found this site when looking for wallpapers of Jennifer Garner I believe. Now I visit the site every day.


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I was actually looking for a modification for Battlefield 1942....which led me to a Cracks site....which brought me to a wallpapers limited mind was flooded with images of I was determined to find a kick ass wallpaper.....hence.....I found this gem :D


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I've been using about a year
I'm glad they're still there

I wonder where they get their original shoots


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I think i was looking for a wallpaper and i just found a link to this site on google.......since then (about a year ago) I've visited this site daily....
It's cool that you also have a car section. 8)


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i was looking for wallpapers of jessica alba, now i visit this site every day
This is the best wallpapers site on net!