i need help

curt dogg

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how do you get a pic under your name if some one could walk me thorugh it that would really help cause im new to the site


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when u sign in, click on PROFILE, ull see it on the top right of ur screen. when in the profile menu scroll down to the AVATAR CONTROL PANEL. once there u can upload a picture from your computer (max 80x80 pixels, 15kb) i think..., then click submit once uve chosen the file. u can also upload the avatar from a website, and that option given as well.

hope that helps, im not very good at xplainin stuff :?


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I have a different question...seeing as this topic is "I need help" figured this is best place to ask...

How do I get that So-and-So wrote message in my reply when I want to reply to a specific person's post?