Jennifer Garner


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Hi Guys ;)

I'm new in this forum, and i'm shocker cause nobody post about the cute jennifer.
So just to remember to you ^^

The reason because i love her is that she's very beautifull all the time, she's a natural beautie !!

Have you got nice picture of her ?


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I don't know why, but she is doing nothing for me, guys :?
I just don't find her attractive :?

But that's my personal opinion :wink:


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aragornkingofhumans said:
i dont find her attracive .i saw her latest movie "13 Gioing on 30", tht sucks all due to garner. she is ugly, she doesnt deserve anything
Don't judge her on that movie. It was pretty crappy. Watch her in Alias, Eleectra, Daredevil, or Catch Me If You Can to see her acting skills. She's pretty good and pretty hot too.


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I dont know

I dont know what it is but I dont find her all that attractive, she seems more like that girl next door, or your best friends daughter. There are times were she suprises me, like oh wow! she looked hot, but not enough to put her as my background.


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Rolling Stone

So far unknown

2002 Biography Magazine shoot

FW magazine photoshoot
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Patrice O'Brien Photoshoot

Carlo Dalla Chiesa

Alias promos

Instyle magazine photoshoot

Esquire magazine photoshoot

GQ magazine photoshoot

Bummer, can't remember it right now...

FW magazine photoshoot

SNL promos
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