Kelly Hu


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on some pics i like her very much...on the most i dont like her at all though :?...she's great in movies though...great actress


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lol, hell no, she is an actress!

Played in "The Scorpion King" next to The Rock!

Now, the only film i remember


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The Librarian - Quest for the Spear
X2: X-Men United
Cradle 2 the Grave
The Scorpion King

tv series
Martial Law
Sunset Beach
Nash Bridges

That's not all :)


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Ey that guy looks like Tommy Lee.. Or am I the only one who thinks that?

I also think Kelly HU can look real real hot with the right make up.. :)

I also think Kelly has a cute butt.. Check out lloyds post 1/4.. She's flashing it real nice there.. 8)

I also think Lloyd's work deserve a museum.. :D

Ok.. I've thought enough for today.. My head aches.. :(


I remember her at Martial Law, what a great show it was... :)

And I agree with Amaru about that museum -comment!! :D


lloyd said:
Now that's just one hell of a pic!! Very nice!! :shock: :halleloeja:
Shows that you really deserve a museum!!

If someone could make a wallpaper of it... Please?? :roll:


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Can someone post large HQ pictures of her FHM shoot. I see there are some but could they be posted without text?



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kouilloman said:
There is an other topic for her :/

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I think it was a database fart, I searched and no return. Thus the new thread. Thanks to the mod for merging them. :Good1:


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i guess the recent showings of x men 2 on the fx channel has revived the kelly hu thread. i know that her scenes got me interested in her


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I am really amazed at how well she has aged. I'm looking forward to her newest movie coming out: The Tournament. She plays an assassin in a battle royale against 29 other assassins for a $10M prize.