BT09 Closed Match KO 1 Match 11 - Jennifer Lamiraqui vs Adriana Lima

Jennifer Lamiraqui or Adriana Lima

  • Jennifer Lamiraqui

    Votes: 85 42.3%
  • Adriana Lima

    Votes: 116 57.7%

  • Total voters
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The Caretaker

That's what she said©
Adriana Lima moves to next round beating Jennifer Lamiraqui with score of 116 - 86. Good luck to Lima in future stage against Elisha Cuthbert. Aslo thanks to mersa for participating and sponsoring Jennifer in this years BT09!


New member
Thanks for all people who voted for :adrianal:

I didn't expected to win this match, after looking at the comments. :eek:

I want to congratulate mersa for his amazing campaign. Jennifer is my personal newcomer-discovery on this tournament. :go1:

I will try to make a better campaign next time, because I know that Elisha Cuthbert is almost impossible to beat. :)


Saiyana Linguist
I do not understand because he has not won that Jennifer seemed to me more interesting.

Hence it is clear that first we have the experience, then the beauty.

A pity the Jennifer.:p3[-X:damn2::hit1:
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