Match closed KO Stage 1, Match 11: Kristen Bell vs. Joanna Krupa

Kristen Bell or Joanna Krupa?

  • Kristen Bell

    Votes: 135 66.5%
  • Joanna Krupa

    Votes: 68 33.5%

  • Total voters
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Fearless™ , Hayley experience provider
Kristen has made it without losses in the group stage. Let her stay in the winning mood and vote for her!
The more she wins,
the more she'll show,
the more you get...

It's up to you guys now!



New member
Arghhh I can't decide. Hotness or cuteness?

Let's quote Peter Griffin (5x15 "Boys Do Cry")

Peter: You can't ask me to make dinner, Lois. That's like asking me to choose between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kirsten Dunst in a "hot body, weird face" contest. It can't be done.


Wow, Imperator! Pretty hot pics on your campaign... "the more she shows"... never seen that side of her. :p


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omg, how can you even consider voting for joanna?

look at the weird shape of her head, and the lips :O they look so unnatural.




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Joanna has got a hot body (and a better battle image), but Kristen is prettier - and provides a nice incentive for voting for her :Good1:

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