Match closed KO Stage 2, Match 5: Jessica Alba vs. Avril Lavigne

Jessica Alba or Avril Lavigne?

  • Jessica Alba

    Votes: 134 63.5%
  • Avril Lavigne

    Votes: 77 36.5%

  • Total voters
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134-77 is a clear result. Jessica is the winner. Good luck in the next round!
See you again in BT09, Avril!


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YES! Thanks for all the votes! Don't forget to vote in the next matches! Let's put Jess in the finals!

I really liked your campaign-strategy, Boris. To be honost I was a little worried after seeing what happened to Adriana.


Thanks guys for your feedback! Really appreciate it. :hphones1:

My goal for BT'08 was to reach the 2nd KO-round, so I cannot really be disappointed. And the fact that Avril had, if not the toughest, at least one of the toughest routes to 2nd KO-round even increases my satisfaction! Holly Valance, Bar Refaeli, Rachel Bilson and Adriana Lima are all amazingly hot ladies and still she managed to win everyone, that tells me there are lots of people out there, who like Avril! Big thanks for every single one of you guys for supporting my babe in this years BT! :shake1:

To be honest, I would've been really surprised if Avril would've won this one, I don't think I could've done anything better than I did. But now it's time to charge batteries for another year and be back stronger than ever in BT'09. :yes1:
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